Brasil Guitar Duo and Exciting Learning Opportunities

March 26th _ Rapturing Concert _ Public Masterclass _ Special Opener

Brasil Guitar Duo

Here for the Day's Events and Ticketing

I first saw the Brasil Guitar Duo some years back when the Grand Canyon Guitar Society brought them to our little town. I had close up seats and enjoyed every note, every timbre, and mostly, the pair's onstage communication.

With that memory, I truly look forward to seeing them again after an earned doctorate degree and years more touring the world. However, it isn't the concert I'm most thrilled about. The Brasil Guitar Duo will be hosting a master class and a local opener and I'm sure a sucker educational opportunities.

Six students from Northland Preparatory Academy, where I direct the guitar program, one student of Grand Canyon Guitar Society's own executive director and two students from Glendale Community College will perform in a master class for the Duo! I can't tell you how excited I am to see young guitarists performing for and receiving instruction from two world-class performers - regardless if these youngsters pursue music as a career, this experience will sure prepare them for polished execution under pressure - a skill that goes a long way . . .

On top of that, the Le Femme Guitar Quartet (four sophomores) will open the concert, what an opportunity! Sharing in learning, performance, and artistry promote all the positives I can think of for these students, their teachers, and well anyone who comes to watch!

I've got my tickets, a sitter for my young ones, my wife for my date and students on the bill, I can't wait for Tuesday!